About US

The Aci Food company was founded in 2014 from the idea of ​​bringing the Brand Olio D’Oliva pizzeria and appetizer to offer the specialties of the Italian territory, all high quality products and directly from producers, without intermediation.

Over the years we have decided to sell the products, exclusively for the Bulgarian territory, through physical stores with the brand 100% ITALIAN Wine - Beer and Food and 100% ITALIAN Cornetteria and Caffetteria.

The products in question are intended for a very specific niche of consumers who can be considered "lovers of Italian culture and quality of life". These are not only individuals, Italian and foreign, who would have the opportunity to receive products that are difficult to find on the market directly at home, but also restaurants that give prestige to Italian cuisine in the world, as well as companies interested in paying homage to their customers or their employees