Pas Dosè -  Cantina Del Tufaio 0,75 L

Pas Dosè - Cantina Del Tufaio 0,75 L

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Tufaio Pas Dosè:

This is a classic pas dosè method for sparkling wine, fully processed and aged in a cave dug by hand in 1881 at a constant temperature of 12.5°. Bottling in the cave is done entirely by hand.


Geographical location: Tanning (RM); Region: Lazio; Soil: 75% silicon, 25% clay; Grapes: 23 years; Vine Training System: Spurred cordon; Density: 4500 plants per hectare; Production: About 7500 kg of grapes per hectare. Classical method, pas dosè. Fermentation for 12 days at a controlled temperature of 18 °. Bottle aging: 24 months in a cave.


Pinot Blanc 60%; Chardonnay 30%; Malvasia Laziale 10%


Perlage: elegant and fine.

Color: Bright golden yellow

Odor: Intense, floral notes of fresh fruits and minerals.

Taste: Thick, elegant, pleasantly dry.


Gentle cheeses, white meat, perfect with grilled bacon. Also excellent as an aperitif.